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Blenheim Strategy facilitates an open and frank discussion on some of the most pressing geopolitical, geo-economic, socio-political and security issues of our times. For this purpose, Blenheim organises conferences, seminars and expert workshops, bringing together experts who are willing and able to assess, discuss and substantially move forward policy debates.

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We are in the midst of profound geopolitical transformations that historically only occur when rising powers are challenging the preeminence of the existing order giver. Instead of the 'End of History', we are witnessing the 'Return of History', with all the associated risks and challenges to international stability and peace.


The global economic and financial sytem came to the brink of collapse in 2008/9. Since then, the underlying causes of the crisis have in fact worsened. Global debt has skyrocketted as a result of the ultra loose monetary policies of the world's leading central banks, and with rising interest rates we now face the very real possibility for another crash, and a system reset.


Advances in robotics, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, distributed ledger technology such as Blockchain are driving the digitisation revolution, which will upend all aspects of the economy and society. It also raises renewed questions for the delicate balance between technological progress, individual liberty and social stability.


In the context of the rapid digitisation of all aspects of society, and the growing geopolitical contest between rising and status quo powers, cyber attacks have emerged not only as the most important risk to our modern high-tech societies and economies, but has also become a key ingredient of modern warfare.

Our Services

  • Research & Studies

    Blenheim Strategy, in partnership with the Global Policy Institute and its large network of international experts, conducts research and provides risk studies.

  • Events & Conferences

    Blenheim Strategy organises expert workshops, policy events and international conferences on pressing current affairs topics.

  • Training & Education

    Blenheim Strategy organises bespoke training and executive education both in-house in companies and organisations internationally, and at its own premises in the City of London.

"The statesman's task is to hear God's footsteps marching through history, and to try and catch on to His coattails as He marches past."

Otto von Bismarck

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